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Ratix Gang
About us

Ratix NFT is a colourful collection of 6,000 Rats coming to live exclusively on the Radix network.

The collection will be unique and programmatically generated from over 150 possible traits including fur colour, headwear and clothing.

How to reserve your NFT

Send XRD to the Ratix wallet address ⇨

1 RATIX token = 50 XRD*

*Early Rat price for the first 1000 sold

Full price to be deteremined (approx 100xrd)

Please allow up to 24 hours for your RATIX token to arrive in your wallet.

Wallet address

Important: Only send XRD from your Radix wallet. Do not send from Bitfinex or other exchanges!

% reserved

0% - Launch. Meet the rats!

10% - Partnership announced

30% - 10,000 XRD Lottery Giveaway to Ratix owners

50% - 20,000 XRD Donation to Charity

75% - TBA

100% - Work on new project exclusive for Ratix owners


Jan - Feb
Launch project, Community, Twitter and Telegram. Reveal concept artwork and first look at traits.

March - May
Work on creating and adding traits to the collection. Community engagement and giveaways.

June - July
Update details and shading to existing artwork. Finalise the collection.

August - September
Collection complete and released for OTC trading.

Ratix NFT minted and live on the Radix network


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view the collection?

The collection is a work in progress and is not viewable yet. We will periodically reveal more artwork on our twitter page over time so please follow us there!

Why did you choose to build exclusively on Radix?

One of our biggest concerns was the impact on climate change due to NFT transactions. Outdated PoW blockchains such as Ethereum use a ton of energy and is extremely bad for the environment. Radix DLT uses an advanced DPoS network which results in 99.9% less energy consumption per transaction.

We also believe in Radix's superior technology overall, the only L1 protocol able to solve the Blockchain Trilemma without breaking Atomic Composability which makes it the best smart contract platform for scaling DeFi to the masses, so why build anywhere else? 

Radix also has a long development roadmap with the launch of Babylon arriving in late 2022 - which we will use to our advantage by giving ourselves more time to create and design high quality original artwork with a large variety of traits.

What is the maximum supply?

There will be 6,000 in total with every RATIX token representing a reserved Ratix NFT to be minted at Babylon mainnet launch later this year. Additional limted edition Rats may be added to the collection

What can I do with RATIX tokens before Babylon?

Before the completion of the collection you will be able to send them around but if possible please hold onto your RATIX tokens in the meantime.

When will I be able to receive my NFT?

Once the collection is complete we will send out your reserved RATIX NFT at random.

When the Babylon mainnet launches (Q1 2023), you will be able mint your unique Ratix NFT on the Radix Network

Will you be creating a NFT marketplace?

No, unfortunately we are not talented enough to create one but we believe that the Radix community is! We suspect there will be more than one NFT marketplace ready to launch with Babylon main-net and we plan to be one of the first few NFT art collections tradeable on them!

Who are you?

Ratix NFT is currently a solo project run by Remy.

I started my crypto journey in August 2017 and became a Radix Maxi shortly after I learnt about it in June 2021.

If you'd like to learn more about me please ask me any questions in our Ratix Gang telegram.